1966 Wildcat passenger vent window stuck open

Somebody opened the power vent window and it's now stuck open. Neither switch does anything. How easy is this going to be to fix? If I take the interior door panel off will I be able to access the working components to get it closed again?

I don't mind it not working but only if it's closed.

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In case anyone is ever searching for vent window problems, it was very easy. My motor was working but it just wouldn't go all the way to the closed position. Taking the interior door panel off allowed extremely good access and the motor was easily removed. I took the top off rotated the gear by hand until it was lined up properly put it back together and put it back in the door. I left the power disconnected so I never have to worry about it not closing on me sometime when I'm out in the rain.

I'm just very surprised that the chassis manual doesn't have anything about adjusting the windows or the power system for them.

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