68 Skylark Custom to 69 Skylark Custom frame swap?

knez 77

This might be a stupid question, but will a 68 skylark custom body fit on a 69 skylark custom frame? I can't imagine that GM changed anything in just one year (They aren't like Ford) :). But I was measuring the 69 frame from body mount hole to body mount hole and the numbers were different than what I had in my chassis book for the 1968 Skylark. I'm not sure if I was measuring the wrong holes or what but the numbers were not matching. So I thought maybe it was because the book is for a 68 and the frame is a 69. Since the body did not change in 68 and 69 I thought you could use a 68 body on a 69 frame and visa versa. But now I'm not sure. Can someone tell me if they are interchangeable? Thanks
According to Hollander, The '68 Special 2 Dr. Sdn. changes with the '68 2 Dr. H.T., and the '70 models of the same description. The '69s have a difference which they considered making them more valuable. They also interchange with '68 and '70 Olds F85 interchange and so does the '68 Tempest 2 Dr., and H.T.

I can't imagine what the difference is in '69, but it can't be much that a little cutting and welding can't fix when the frames before and after it change.
The Buick Master Parts Book shows the frame is a GM part no 3960733. This no was used on all Skylark Custom 2 drs except convertibles from 1968-70. It was also used on lots of other GM A-bodies during these years. The part no should be stamped on the frame (outer left rear side area).

Having a 7-digit number beginning with 3, the part originated in the Chevrolet division. By Googling "GM 3960733" tons more information will come up.