New radiator for 1966 Wildcat (Automatic, AC) -- supplier?

The previous owner put in an undersized radiator, possibly from the like of O'Reilly. Inlet and outlet seem to be undersized -- 1 1/4 instead of 1 1/2 or 1" 3/4 in diameter. It is less than 1" 1/2 thick. No shroud.

For the radiator, I was told the original radiator had 4 rows. Inlet and outlet seem to be 1 1/2 in diameter. Can't confirm.

US Radiator seems the more knowledgeable supplier: They offer many model but the recommended models are either 005206AND (no factory air, cooler, 4 rows, 2" 5/8 core thickness) for the Standard Automotive ($816.88) or 005206ANDZ for high efficiency copper/brass construction ($981.25). With high efficient copper/brass, you can get the same thermal qualities with a 3 row model (005206ANHZ) as with the standard automotive model for about the same price ($825). I think I will go with the 4 rows high efficiency model considering the small difference in price but large difference in cooling capacity.

The other reputable radiator suppliers are Walker Radiator Works, Brassworks and AFCO -- but they do not have a Wildcat model on hand (AFCO does not even include the Wildcat on its list).

Where can I find the original specs for the radiator -- core thickness, number of rows, diameter of inlet/outlet?

Has someone tried US Radiator? Another supplier?

Jeff Lukaszek

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I have a 1963 Buick Wildcat. I had a hard time finding a radiator for my car because it had A/C and had a curved connector on the top.. US radiator was the only one that showed my application so I ordered it. I had ordered 3 radiators before ordering from them. All the radiators including the one from US Radiator were made wider at the bottom and would not fit my oem rubber mounts.. I did pull the oem mounts and bought 1/8" sheet rubber from my local hardware to put in place of the oem rubber mounts. I am told all radiators in this day are made wider for more cooling. I yours is like mine it will have some miner mods. As far as cooling mine works great. I can tell you mine holds over 3 gallons of coolant. Us radiator was great to work with.

tom telesco

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Get the size of the original radiator & shop Summit Racing & get an aluminum radiator & don't fall for the old trick you need 3/4 rows. On an aluminum radiator you only need two rows of 1"-1 1/4"tubes/core. EVEN IF you had A/C it would have enough cooling capacity to keep the ole "Nail" cool.
It will normally be aound $200.00 or so give or take. AND it will save so much weight you won't believe it.