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Pull in Cam Bearing Tool

You will need a lathe to build build this.

I recently had a bearing alignment problem in an MG (what has that got to do with Buicks). The bearing hole alignment with the block holes was poor, and instead of being pro-active and grinding the block out first, I foolishly installed them with the universal cam bearing installation tool. I should have pulled them in gentally.

Generally I have good luck with the universal cam bearing tool, but occasionally the end of a bearing can be damaged. I looked for a cam bearing puller, but only found one from BHJ, $800 ouches! I decided to build one.
I used a sealed ball bearing which I had laying around. If I had a thrust bearing I would have used it, but the pull used to pull in a cam bearing is quite light and I expect the ball bearing will last a long time. I used 1/2" ready rod, could be I would use 9/16" next time. I only put about 1/2" of threads in the handle. The handles are pressed in tight, with Loctite. I built a push washer that contacted the outer race and gave clearance for the inner race.
I didn't look at converting a set of adjustable bearing drivers to this, instead I just built fresh bearing drivers. I allowed a minimum of .010" under the OD of the bearing and .025" under the ID of the bearing and then wrap it with electrical tape. In the old days I built them from shafting, but these are much easier using aluminum.
It works great, and will almost certainly guarantee that you will be able to install and remove bearings with even less chance of damage than a good bearing driver.
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