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    Hi bob
    Wondering and hoping you can help
    Im looking at a 1969 that I am promised is a gs
    It has a limited slip diff
    Plate reads ST 69 49487 EUC 126577 BDY
    TR / 694 50 50 PNT

    Does all this mean anything ....
    Thanks and appreciate your time
    Hey, since I want to be a member of a buick site, I joined, Since I am 54 and involved with a few projects, I have went and done something I hope you like and will use.
    Ventrillo. This is a live talk program used for in game talk with who ever is on the talk server. I have paid for a test program or 10, only those we want can enter in and talk, you as admin can kick and ban etc. but I think on certain days we can get some pros and some amateurs together and brainstorm and teach/learn from live voice not interupted by others. It is a program that I titled bodyshopnbuicks, Let me know if you want to test it etc Can be fun
    I am having trouble in the arcade, when I get a high score, it doesn't post. it takes Me to the main forums page instead. I scored 56,980 on pacman, took me right to the home page
    Hi Bob,

    I have a 1965 Buick Skylark that I'm restoring. I have found this website very informing on some information. I have a question I hope you can me with, I have my engine casting number but I can't find were to go to get that information. My father gave me the car, which we were going to restore it together I know some information about it but not all, see my father passed away in September last year, we never got to restore it. So, I need help. I know it a nail head, but not sure if it is a 340 or not. Can you tell me how to find out?
    Thanks Bob

    I fixed it. Those specs were from the 1966 all series manual and are the ones shown. The seem to be as you said in all other references. Figures I post from a missprint!
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