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    1950 Dynaflow - Flywheel - 263 engine head

    Hi, I've a Buick Super Eight 50 1950 - Dynaflow Engine ci.263 str.8 # 57682065 and I need these parts: - Flywheel new or replacing ring gear; - Automatic transmission Dynaflow complete in very good condition or a very very good overhaul kit; - 263 Engine head or complete engine 263 in very good...
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    Buick 1959 Wagon - Help decoding

    I've bought a Buick 1959 wagon, but I need to decoding: VIN 4F1010428 ENGINE 3FI85558 STYLE 4435 BODY 4797 4 TRIM 455-R1 PAINT R - R ACC D 1 B 1 G I 6 K 8 N 8 P 2 P 3Z Thanks a lot!
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    Buick 1949 and 1950 Convertible - Help decoding

    Hi, I've two Buick Convertible one 1949 and one 1950: I need an help to know what my Buicks' codes means, in particular Trim and Paint! Buick Convertible 1949 Mod. 56-C STYLE N° 49-4567X BODY N° G 164 TRIM N° 53 T PAINT N° I K Buick Convertible 1950 Mod. 50 56-C STYLE N° 50-4567X BODY N° G...
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    1950 - I Need NOS Cylinder head and specs for 263 Super 50 Dynaflow str8

    I'm rebuilting a 263 str 8 engine #57682065 for a 1950 Buick Super Eight 50 with Dynaflow VIN#5551918 I need a NOS (or used in very good condition) Cylinder Head: can someone tell me where I can find it? I need also engine specifications to identify : - Piston Ring Size - Connecting Rod...
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    1950 CONVERSION HYDRAULIC top and windows TO ELECTRIC.. Help!

    Hi All! I've a 1950 Buick Super Eight Convertible and she has hydraulic top and windows: I would like to make an Hydraulic/Electric conversion, could anyone tell me wath parts I do have to order? Are there any kits? Thank You! Luca