1. 1955 Roadmaster

    1955 Roadmaster

    I found it just a few miles from home. I need to get it home, clean it up, and see if it'll run again. Then we'll replace the floors...
  2. truckmen

    Have a '55 Century 2-dr h/t "4-holer"

    ...and I'd like to start work on it next year. Looking for all kinds of parts. Also, how do we post new topics in other parts of the forum? I cannot find the "start new topic" button. Ralph
  3. 5

    2barrel stromberg to 4barrel Carter

    I have a 55 Buick special with a 264 nailhead, it has the stock 2 barrel stromberg carb. Im going to change out this carb and existing intake manifold and replace with a 4 barrel carter Wcfb and intake manifold. I was told this Carter carb was from a 55 Buick century 322. I noticed the starter...
  4. 5

    Hi Team Buick!!

    Anyone experienced with dropping a Buick 455 into a 1955 Century? Turbo400 and a 342 posi? How about 4 link, air bags or disc brakes? Jim Seattle
  5. M

    55 roadmaster rearend swap HELP!

    I am in the middle of a resto-mod project for a customer.... he wants a 425/th400 in his 55 roadmaster... okay thats straight forward enough... but i am stalled on the Ford 9" rear.... I am trying to figure out how to setup the rear suspention... the car is already on an airbags, but all they...