1. 1970 455 engine andnumbers matching Turbo 400

    1970 455 engine andnumbers matching Turbo 400

    1970 455 engine (SR) and numbers matching Turbo 400 and differential (non-posi). This is a 100% complete, all stock, never been apart motor. Can hear run. Car was turned into a drag car in 2015 and this drive train was removed including differential. Mileage is unknown but appears to be...
  2. Headers for my 73 leSabre

    Headers for my 73 leSabre

    Does anyone have set of headers for sale?
  3. D

    Oil Pan leak

    Hey guys I have a leak in my oil pan in my ‘71 Riviera. It’s the 455 with a rear sump. Is it possible to take the oil pan off without removing the engine. If so how?
  4. B

    Buick 455 intake manifold 1973 plugs?

    Hi everyone, I own a 1973 Buick Centurion 455 and I wonder what are those plugs resp. holes inside the intake manifold just underneath the carburetor for? I've attached a photo from the internet of a 1971 manifold, cause in my intake manifold aren't those plugs. It seems like there were holes...
  5. Electradillac

    1970 455 rebuilt

    I have a 1970, rebuilt 455 for sale. The numbers have been removed, due to decking the block. The casting number shows 1970, or 71. Under the timing cover, in the recess, above the cam gear is stamped "70". I have $6300 in receipts, from 2005. Align bored, torque plate bored, torque plate...
  6. 6

    ‘72 455 in a ‘67 GS

    Hello! I’m sorry if this information is already in another thread, I couldn’t find it. As the title states, I have a 455 that I’m planning on swapping into my 67 GS that currently has an Olds 350 in it. Is the engine a direct bolt in? Is there somewhere I can find a full swap guide or...
  7. B

    performance upgraded '75 455 motor

    I have a '75 engine upgraded for street performance. TA stage 1 heads. TA camshaft Forged pistons Offenhausser dual quad intake Mallory ignition New oil pump New fuel pump Still waiting for double roller chain and aluminum water pump cover and new water pump. I want now to choose my...
  8. H

    Need help decoding a 455

    My dad has a engine that we think is a buick 455 but not sure if its a pontiac or olds. The numbers stamped on it are 1241735 45H420018 There is also a 75 stamped on the block. So, im guessing its a 1975 block? We want to know what stage the motor is and hopefully what the engine came out of...
  9. T

    Possible parts car?

    I currently own a 72 skylark as far as I know its a base model car. Its equipped with 350 2bbl engine and 350 trans and has power brakes. I plan to put a 455 and th400 in the car. I recently found a 72 skylark sitting in an old ladies backyard. I talked to her and she told me It was her...
  10. 6

    Engine Vibration

    Hi Teambuick - I'm new to the forum and Buicks. I just bought a beautiful 1964 Skylark about 4 weeks ago. When I bought it there was an extremely bad (literally shakes the car from side to side) vibration when you rev the engine, almost as if the engine or something rotating is out of balance...
  11. A

    430 vs 455 Valley Pan

    Does anybody happen to know if there is a difference between the 430 valley pan and the 455 valley pan? I have a 430 and on the heads there is an opening on the top in the middle (about the width of a finger and about 2 inches long) and on the valley pan there is no cut out there? Any ideas...
  12. S

    First timer question

    Hello, I just purchased a 1966 Skylark and the person that I got it from knew nothing about the engine. He said that he had a friend that was working on it (not in a good way) and when I got it she was not running. The past owner has had it for about 20 years and he was working on the body...
  13. W

    1970 Buick Electra Limited for Sale - Runs Well

    Up for auction is my 1970 Buick Electra 225 Limited. The car has a brand new top end and camshaft, which you can see in the youtube link. I had plans to restore the car but I have too many other projects and not enough money or time for all of them. Body is straight and there is minimal rust...
  14. buickapollo455

    Lost oil pressure

    455 , total build has 15,000 on run, lost oil pressure: kenne belle plate, oil in cover. took off oil cap repacked oil pump with vasoline as buick says to, have done this on all motors, never had issue. This time would not prime, so did it again. still no prime/pressure. Car ran 60psi...
  15. 5

    Hi Team Buick!!

    Anyone experienced with dropping a Buick 455 into a 1955 Century? Turbo400 and a 342 posi? How about 4 link, air bags or disc brakes? Jim Seattle
  16. 7

    71 gs 455 engine knock

    car has been sitting for 5 years, i thought it may be the lifters and that they would fix themselves but so far no luck, we have no oil pressure gauge, there is no knock at idle, or atleast i cant here it i used a piece of wood and put it on the valve cover toward the back of the motor it...
  17. P

    bracket headache!!

    okay, i have a bb455 in my el camino that came outta a 72 buick. it was a race car that im converting to street rod. nothing is being changed really, im just lookin to add heat & AC. i cant find the ac brackets for that year buick.:clonk:
  18. elagache

    TA exhaust headers for 455 transplant to 65 Special?

    Dear Team Buick members, I'm continuing to try to figure out how to stuff my recently acquired Buick 430 in my 1965 Buick Special wagon. The puzzlement for today is how to get the exhaust out. Option-1 is to use the cast iron exhaust manifolds that came with the engine. I have evidence that...
  19. K

    Need help with my first classic Car..

    Hi I just purchased a 1969 Electra 225 (430 big block) and it's my first classic. I'm not sure where to start but I know I just want it to be a car that I could drive on a daily if I wanted to. So I mainly need advice on good engine serums and whatevr other information you may have I would...
  20. H

    Information Exchange for Building Street Supercharged 455

    I would like to exchange information and tips from knowledgeable people related to my current project of building a supercharged 455 for street/cruise (not racing). The 1970 Stage 1 block is now starting to be assembled. About $7800 in parts have been obtained to date, mostly from TA, Summit...