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    1955 buick 2 door special... Master cylinder

    So... I have searched high and low, can anyone tell me what duel tank master cylinder I can put into my 55 special? It can't be on the fire wall, as where it is on a modern car, the power steering is there, so remote fill? A. how does a remote fill work? B. I'm not afraid to...
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    i need advice and/or information on a disc brake upgrade for my 65 buick.

    I am looking to up grade my Buick's brakes. I am looking to install front disc and all that goes with it. I know someone out there has already done this seeing the drums are unsafe if you put any horsepower to the car. Also a dual circut master cylinder will offer better/safer braking. So come...
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    At My Wits End With 52 Special Brakes Need Sum Help!!!

    Ok, I have a 52 special that I just bought. The car basically had no brakes. If you pushed the pedal all the way to the floor it would slowly roll to a stop. So I have rebuilt the entire brake system. Put a rebuild kit in master cylinder, 4 new wheel cylinders, new rubber hoses, new shoes, and...
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    1963 invicta brake booster.

    Hi! I have some problems whit my 1963 Buick Invicta. My Delco-moraine brake booster is broken and it´s sems very hard to find parts for it. If my information is right it´s not the same brake booster on Buick 1962 or 1964 My question is: does 1963 Cadillac have the same internal parts?? or does...
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    alternatives for 69 Skylark rotors

    Gents, My Skylark used to be a drag car with the previous owner. I'm turning it into a street car. It has manual Wilwood disc brakes in frt and stock drums in rear. The mechanic told me the disc rotors are horribly undersized and that's why it is so hard to stop the car (you have to drive with...
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    Newbie needs brake help 66' buick LeSabre

    Hi All, I am restoring a 66' Buick LeSABRE. It has drum brakes all the way around that have been rebuilt, the car sat for 5 years and when I started it it wouldn't move. When I inspected the brack line they were braking in many plces, so I decided to replace the brake lines, the question I...