1963 invicta brake booster.


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I have some problems whit my 1963 Buick Invicta.
My Delco-moraine brake booster is broken and it´s sems very hard to find parts for it.
If my information is right it´s not the same brake booster on Buick 1962 or 1964
My question is: does 1963 Cadillac have the same internal parts??
or does anybody knows where to find a rebuilt one for Buick?

I live in Sweden and i hope you can be indulgent towards any misspelling.:bgrin:

Best regards

Mr Roth,Sweden
1963 Buick Invicta wagon.


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why not update to 68 or newer master cylinder and booster...If nothing else then safty well worth the change


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A booster from a 94 Buick Century bolted right up to the firewall of my 64 LeSabre.

With a slight modification of the booster plate, the booster from a Chev Astro Van
bolted to the firewall of my 64 Wildcat. You have to remove the pushrod from the
non-PB master cylinder, and weld a larger brake pedal connecting joint to the
rod on the booster.
I'll know how the 94 booster works once we get it back on the road. The difference
will be the weight of the LeSabre vs the weight of the Century