engine swap

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    ‘72 455 in a ‘67 GS

    Hello! I’m sorry if this information is already in another thread, I couldn’t find it. As the title states, I have a 455 that I’m planning on swapping into my 67 GS that currently has an Olds 350 in it. Is the engine a direct bolt in? Is there somewhere I can find a full swap guide or...
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    215 swap out

    any one know a buick engine (not the rover v8 lookin fer somethin bigger) that will bolt into a 62 skylark. lookin fer something where motor mounts will fit no fabracation. trans doesnt matter
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    engine swap

    i have a 62 skylark with a 215. this engine is givin me a headache. does anyone know another engine that would just bold in to the the car?
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    1957 engine swap

    Hey guys looking for some help. I have a 1957 special and a 401 that I am trying to put in it. I was wondering what year of exhaust manifold I need to clear the steering box. The car does not have power steering, any help would be appreciated.