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    Need Heater Vacuum Diagram

    Hello All, I need a diagram that shows how all the vacuum lines connect to the heater control switches for a 70 Skylark. Thanks
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    53 Special Heater hose routing and fluid levels

    I'm doing a rebuild on my 263 and putting all new hoses in the car. I am wondering what the routing for the heater hoses is. Not the path that they take but which one hooks to wear. It seems like there are only 3 places on the engine to hook the hoses too. There was a "T" make out of...
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    93 buick lasabre heater fan

    My 93 buick heater fan won't quit running after car is off. Any ideas what it is and where it's found?:shield:
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    64 Blower & Air Inlet

    Hi - I just bought a 64 LeSabre convertible. 57,057 original miles, 300 cuin 4 BBL. There are heat/ventilation issues. I want to get in and change the heater core. Where can I get a blower and air inlet gasket? It's in the chassis manual but I can't find it anywhere. Also - where can I...
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    heat on drivers side a/c on pass?

    I have a 96 buick riviera. No matter where I set the heater controls, I get hot air on the drivers side and ice cold air on the passenger side. On a/c I get cold both sides. I just bought this car and love it, just need to tweek a few things. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them...