heat on drivers side a/c on pass?


I have a 96 buick riviera. No matter where I set the heater controls, I get hot air on the drivers side and ice cold air on the passenger side. On a/c I get cold both sides. I just bought this car and love it, just need to tweek a few things. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them before I take it to a mechanic. I already had to have the steering column replaced because it was loose and that cost me a couple of hundred. Thanks for your time.
I got rid of my 95 Olds 98 last year. It was doing the same thing. My understanding after talking to a couple of mechanics is that the rubber in the Heating and Cooling controls switch goes bad and you loose controle of it all. You probably have the Dual controle so the passanger has his own controle knob.
About that time the CV joints started knocking and I just got rid of it. I was told it was $500 to fix the controls.

Good luck.
The electronic door actuators can break and go beyond their end point, then feedback rong position to the heat/ac module and never get back in sync. You can take things apart under the dash and see which ones messed up. There $100 each and right or left so you got to get it right. I had a Cad and Aurora with the same problem. It's not easy.
no heat

Thank you for the reply, I don't think I will be able to fix it myself,but at least I will be able to tell whoever I take it to, how to fix it. That sounds a whole lot better than $500. Thank you very much:wavey: