1. Riviera GS

    Riviera GS

    Not a frame off, but pretty good. We are the second owner of this car, purchased in Denver Colorado. It has a pretty good load of options. Did the transmission and the motor. Added a 2x4 setup to it. Will probably add a heavier front sway bar this year. Here is the motor on the test stand:
  2. S

    1971 - 1973 boat tails starting to heat up on the market.

    Here is a link to an article on Hagerty's talking about the recent surge in boat tail Buick Riviera prices. The boat tails were only on the market for three year 1971-1973, and didn't sell well. Younger collectors are flocking to them though, and prices are rising. Enjoy the article! Riviera...
  3. J

    Classic Car Illustrations

    Hi all. I am an artist specializing in illustrating classic cars. I am a current classic Buick owner (1972 GS) and a newer Buick (2011 Lacrosse). If you would like to see some examples of my work for sale, my site is https://www.classiccarartist.com. I also do custom illustrations so you can...
  4. M

    1983 Riviera convertible

    My Riv convertible More here: http://www.percongrp.com/cars/riviera.htm
  5. M

    Hi there!

    Brand Spanking new to this forum, looking forward to research material. I have a 1967 Riviera, nothing fancy about other than the fact that I absolutley love it. :shifter:Currently trying to find an electrical drain and fix some wiring issues, but other than that, saving up for a paint job.
  6. F

    Ignition / Starter Gremlin!

    First.. thanks to those who solved my last problem, the solution was much better than lighting the car on fire... here is a problem I have had for a while and can't seem to figure out.. 65 Riviera.. it is stripped and ready for paint (no dash, interior, nothin..) After putting the motor back in...
  7. A

    430 vs 455 Valley Pan

    Does anybody happen to know if there is a difference between the 430 valley pan and the 455 valley pan? I have a 430 and on the heads there is an opening on the top in the middle (about the width of a finger and about 2 inches long) and on the valley pan there is no cut out there? Any ideas...
  8. T

    71-73 Riviera & 71-78 Toronado NOS Outer Door Handle

    Wasn't sure if I should put this in the regular parts for sale section or in here. I guess in here will work as this is actually ..... My Listing It ends on Thursday the 19th at 10 PM EST. (1) GM NOS left hand (drivers side) outer door handle. Part number on the handle is 9834745. I...
  9. norwegian66riv

    NOS GM 1966 thru 1970 Buick Riviera GS Center Cap SET

  10. B

    power seat

    i got a 73 riv and i need to move the driver seat forward to get at the rear bolts that hold down the seat but its a power seat and the wiring harness is missing so how can i move it forward
  11. P

    Two Tone Riviera

    I´ve just traded a Cadillac for a Buick Riviera 1964, so Im new here. There are some work to it, but most of the body work is done and the next step is to paint it. The car was in a colour called Bronze Mist originally. I want to keep it as original as possible, but I dont really like that...
  12. I

    heat on drivers side a/c on pass?

    I have a 96 buick riviera. No matter where I set the heater controls, I get hot air on the drivers side and ice cold air on the passenger side. On a/c I get cold both sides. I just bought this car and love it, just need to tweek a few things. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them...