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Hi - I just bought a 64 LeSabre convertible. 57,057 original miles, 300 cuin 4 BBL. There are heat/ventilation issues. I want to get in and change the heater core. Where can I get a blower and air inlet gasket? It's in the chassis manual but I can't find it anywhere.
Also - where can I get those replacement cables?
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Replacement blower motor and cables

Advance Auto parts carries the blower motor and heater core for your car. You have to specify A/C or Non-A/C for both. The cables can be found on Ebay from time to time, but the cables are different for A/C and Non-A/C also.


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Once again, I will recommend Wheatbelt Buick in Oklahoma - they have not failed me yet for parts for my 64 Buicks



I've been looking for the gasket between the engine side blower assembly ["Blower and Air Inlet Assembly"] and the cowl. Heaters are easy. Even the cables - I made 2 out of 20 feet of 'avaiation throttle cable' I bought on eBay and a 'loop pliars'. Its the gasket I need - sure I can make one - but who's to say how good it'll look when I'm done - and what do you use neoprene, rubber? I will try your place early this week.
1 more question. Chilton says to access the heater core I need to remove the passenger front fender. The Buick manual says removing the hinges is enough - what is the secret?
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I removed the heater assemblies from both 64s - never had to remove any fenders or doors.....

I did take out the glove box and radio grill to make it easier to get to the little nuts and bolts..

I do think it was pretty solidly "glued" into place with sealant.

you reallt should get Detroit Iron's cd/manual for the 64 Buicks - - make life so much easier (I think they are $30
now); worth every penny
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Ive changed mine and never had to pull the fender. I have buckets in my 64 Wildcat Convert. I did take out the r/h bucket and consol. Since I was that far down I took out the rest of the seats and put in new carpet to kep from doing it again. also no A/C. There are a couple of tough bolts to reach. I unbolted the hood hinge only. or remove hood, and be careful with hood if you dont:bgrin:
Another thing make sure that you dry out or replace the Jute under the carpet. It will be a rust, or smell of anti freeze problem if you dont.
Service manual are on ebay from time to time. I have a disc also but its a lot easier than a cd IMHO
I hav owned 2 64`s since 1975 my present car since 79 So you may say Im partial to 63-64 cars
Good Luck:thumbsup: