oil pump

  1. A

    High Pressure Oil Pump on 430

    Where is the oil pump located on the 430? Can I get to the gears from where the oil filter assembly is or do I have to drop the oil pan?
  2. L

    Novice needing help with 71 350 engine

    I can build them but I can not evaluate them. Give me the instructions and I can do anything but without those I am dumbfounded. 1971 Buick Skylark w/1971 Buick 350/350 My 71 Skylark makes the "no oil rattle sound" when giving excelerating (hard). This sound is really bad when the engine...
  3. elagache

    The "epic" 430 rebuild caper!

    Dear Team Buick big-block gurus, :shield: I have been trying to get enough preliminaries out of the way so that I could start asking the really big questions about rebuilding this 430 engine from a 67 Electra 225. I think I have an overall plan for this job, but . . . there are a few minor...
  4. M

    364 nailhead need help ASAP

    new to the site, been building 1960 (lesabre) 364 nailhead for a friend got it running BUT when i rebuilt the oil pump seems to be that the shaft is half inch too short to hook up to distributor, can i get a longer distributor, or do I need to pull engine back out to get to oil pump any...