1. 1957 Buick Century Parts

    1957 Buick Century Parts

    I have several useable parts for a 1957 Buick Century: * Right Front Fender * Headlight chromed trim ring * Left Rear Fender chrome trim panel * Kleenex tissue dispenser * H16 Headlight Bucket * Delco Remy Starter * R and L Front Vent Regulators (gears) * Radiator Fan with spacer * Generator or...
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    Glad to join the community! 1967 Le Sabre 400ci - Parts/ Engine advice

    Currently starting to build the engine on this 1967, 4 Door, Buick Le Sabre. 87,000 original miles, and has been in the family since it was born. Just had it past down to me and id love to bring it back to life. It has the 400ci V8, and was in great shape until it sat for 20 years, and was...
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    1956 Buick century or special doors

    does anyone have any 1956 Buick century or special 2 door doors they would like to sell? or maybe a donor car but still century or special
  4. T

    Possible parts car?

    I currently own a 72 skylark as far as I know its a base model car. Its equipped with 350 2bbl engine and 350 trans and has power brakes. I plan to put a 455 and th400 in the car. I recently found a 72 skylark sitting in an old ladies backyard. I talked to her and she told me It was her...
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    Looking for Info

    :hurray: Hi this was nice to find a site about Buicks I have a 1953 special and im looking for a spot to get parts and I am also looking for a service manual for it as well. Any help would be great. I have a car show coming up I would like to go to in the midle of june. Ink and Iron.
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    1975 Buick Century Carburetor Needed

    Hello, I'm restoring my late grandfather's 1975 Buick Century (4-door). It used to have a 350 engine in it but I've replaced it with a newer 455 engine. The problem is the carburetor is no good. I'm looking to get a new 4-barrel carburetor from somewhere (either old stock or new parts if these...
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    Finding Skylark Parts (1962)

    We have a 62 skylark coupe that is really in good condition but needs a few "bits and pieces" to get it looking nice. I was hoping someone may have a few tips on finding parts and any referrence documents that might be useful - the blind google search isn't as easy as I thought! Initially I am...