1970 GTO tow hitch fit a '69 Skylark?

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Will a tow hitch from a '70 GTO fit a '69 Skylark? I can get the GTO one locally (well at least in Australia) and wonder if anyone can confirm the interchange?

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the Goat and Lark are both A-bodies and GM seems to have run that variant of the A-body from 1968-73 ( although the Skylark nameplate was suspended for 73 and 74, when it resumed on the 111" X-body platform ). assuming the Lark is a 2 door, both cars should have a 112" wheelbase.



from this, i would infer that it SHOULD work. if possible though, i would prefer to test fit the part in the store parking lot.

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Thanks, Bob. I too think it will fit. Unfortunately its on the other side of Australia from me. I have a mate there who can check out its condition but he doesn't
know the A bodies at all.