Dual carb manifold proper/alternative carbs

Can anyone tell me what carbs were used on the dual carb manifolds? Has anyone adapted anything and if so what results? Suggestions?

Am also considering 4 SU's..any advice pro or con on that or what might be a good 4 carb set up where I don't have a whole lot of overhead space (low hood line)?

Thanks for any help.
Carter or Stromberg

Just jets and spacing are different between series. The rear one has a 1" damper under it for cold starts. Any carb will sit high. The stock air cleaner adds only another 2". Don
Carter for 41-42

The reference list is missing the Carter carbs for 41 - 42. Both years are from Buick shop manuals.
1941 1942
Series Model# Model#
40 Std 487S 487S
40 - 50 Compound Front 509S 528S
40 - 50 Rear 510S 529S
60-70-90 Front 490S 533S
60-70-90 Rear 491S 534S


Dual Carb. on a 49 Roadmaster

Just want to share pic.s of my 49 Roadmaster w/41-42 Dual intake w/ org single exhaust the intake had a brokthe intake.e of corner on the heat exchanger so I made it fit the org. exhaust w/some grinding of the intake