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List of Subscribers to the Board who do Rebuilding Work Proefessionally

Has there been any thoguht to putting together a list of subscribers to the board who do professional rebuilds of gear or even a list of people not subscribed to the board who do work that people would recommend or have used before?

Starter & Generator Rebuilders
Engine Rebuilders

Just a thought
Bob Bates


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i will toss my hat in the ring!

well,i am fairly new to this board,but have been on v8 for years,some of you know me from there:beers: to those who arent aware of me,my brief history.i have been a starter/alternator/generator rebuilder since 1978.i started in a wrecking yard building whatever came in the door.this was a salvage rebuilder,so i learned quickly what can & cant be reused.after 5 years there,i went to chai-pong corp AKA # 1 jap auto supply as a manager of a 6 man crew mass-producing import units in Tacoma wa.i quit after 18 monthes,due to quality issues i had with the owner.about 10 years ago i quit my job as shop manager at a hi-quality rebuilder specializing in the hi-end imports (mercedes/bmw/alfa-romeo/renault/saab & all the british)were i worked for 12-13 years,to raise my kids away from the big city(Seattle area).started my own buisness in a rural area between spokane wa & canada.recently i moved my dad in with us due to dementia/old age,had to move to a bigger house & go part-time as he needs constant attention & to be honest,the off-shore product is KILLING the rebuilding trade.so,i am available to do rebuilding of ANY units from jet-ski's to Kenworths:thumbsup: i do quite a few generators since thats one area the foreign market hasnt gone after (yet):hurray: .i welcome any questions/requests/info. you can contact me by pm here or mcclinton@povn.com or 509-447-0289 & like you,i am an avid buick guy,and try to buy what i need from the buick boards.keep me in mind rather than "the parts store on the corner",my quality is second to nobody!

:waving: Hey Jamie

Glad to have You Aboard :thumbsup:

After reading your Professional Qualifications, I am glad to see that All Team Buick Members (same good People, Different Venue) now have another choice.

That in itself is a refreshing turn of events

Regards, :beers:

Tom Gallagher
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Rebuild Work

:waving: Hey Bob

I know that an Esteemed Member of Team Buick, Tom Telesco (TELRIV)

Has a Shop in Stamford CT and does some work on Nailheads and Buicks.:thumbsup:

I don't know exactly what kind of re-builds your looking to perform but if you need some speciality work, I can usually come up with something.

Highest Regards,:beers:

Tom Gallagher :shield:
I am new to owning a Buick, just got my first this year but I have owned some 37 cars so far in the past 15 years.

I have a speed & restoration shop in Auburn Hills Michigan (Along with a couple good friends of mine) and also run an online parts business. I won't post any links in here as I don't know the advertising rules...

We make, design & build alot of parts and work on pretty much any vehicle and weird combination people want, Viper V10 in an XJS Jag, 36 Ford Fordor street rod, AMX, turbo motors, etc.

I just got our wire distributor to make custom sets for the 320, and everything I do, upgrade & fix on the Roadmaster I will keep a pattern of so it could be duplicated.

Great site, BTW - I have found some wonderful stuff here!
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