Modoc Indiana yard

this is chock full of old iron and the owner doesn't mind if you look around.

bunches and bunches of old Buicks, probably a couple of dozen each of Nailheads and Straight 8s. only problem is, it's iron that's been sitting in an Indiana cornfield for 50 years ... and it probably got bathed in road salt before that. most of the sheet metal is pretty rotten and most of the engines have been open to the rain for decades. :sad: i guess some of the brightwork might be salvageable? maybe a couple of windshields?

i've never before seen a battery that was so sun rotted that all the plastic had fallen off and you could touch the plates.

i saw a Nash, there's probably other ancient stuff that i had no idea what i was looking at. i know there's also a bunch of various flathead engines. but flathead ain't Buick, so i didn't look too close at those. :D

located at the intersection of US 36 and St Rd 1 on the northwest corner. it's owned by Shore Oil who has the gas station on the south side of the road. buy a pop or candy bar from them to show your thanks.!8m2!3d40.04792!4d-85.128156