Now I have a parts car


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I met a man at a car show who I had not seen in 15 years. He is around 80 years old and said he was cleaning up his yard. He told me I was the only man he knew that had a big body 52 Buick. He said he would make me a good deal on his two 1952 parts cars, $400 for both. I had never saw them and he did not remember them to well either, said he had not saw one of them in a couple years. Well I went over to the valley were they were located to bring one home. The first one was over grown with black berries so I chopped my way back to the rear of the car. It is a Super two door hardtop. Opened the truck and there was the ground, Everything was rusted out, so I threw a chain around the rear cross member and pulled it up on the trailer. There was moss on the car 3 inches deep even on the sides. No engine , no transmission, no windshield, no floor boards but the front of the car was perfect little surface rust on the hood, front fenders are perfect and a perfect grill and bumpers. The stainless under the windows next to the body is perfect just some polishing. The back third of the car is just rusted away so I am going to cut the back third off and burry it in the ground on about a 45 degree angle with the tail lights up and turn it into planter for flowers. If anyone is interested in the stainless or some special piece only on hardtops let me know.

The other car is a 52 Buick Roadmaster 4 door sedan, complete, just has not ran in 30 years, very little rust and the doors were shut and the windows rolled up. It is a four barrel car but no power steering, also a perfect grill. Car has a lube sticker from Salt Lake City, land of no rust. This will be my pars car for just about everything mechanical.

Someone was looking out for me, my wife and I have driven the 52 Woodie over a 100,000 miles in the last 33 years and no accidents. Now I am ready for the deer that jumps out.