Propitious mile markers

there's lots of places with mile markers under 400.

455 is notable ( not just because it's the largest of the Buick big blocks ) because there are so few states where you can achieve that.

there's almost a 455 in Nebraska on I-80 ... but it's clear over in Omaha next to the Iowa border. and you actually only get 454.

Montana has one on I-90 on the east side of Billings.

Cali has one on I-5.

Texas has a couple, i'm sure Alaska does as well.

Tennessee isn't wide enough. neither is Pennsylvania or New York. nope, not Florida either. i'm pretty sure you're not going to find a 455mm east of the Mississippi.

i was just shocked to find a 455 in Idaho ... and on an "east/west" road no less. in fact, wiki says that there are only 415 miles on US 30 in Idaho. but who are we to argue with the Idaho DOT?

maybe there's a Buick / Olds / Pontiac fan in charge over there ... :D

now to find mile marker 500 and set up a Caddy shop.
It's coincidental that you came up with this interesting bit of trivia, because I had just been looking a Quiz add on which would allow members to post questions for others to enjoy.
i was actually wrong about there not being a 455mm east of the Mississippi.

New York has one on I-90. currently it is the exit for the Seneca Indian reservation west of Buffalo.

unfortunately, New Yorkers talk like fags and their **** is all retarded.

so the toll road doesn't have the 0 mile marker at the west end like every other state in the country AND exits are not designated by mile marker. New Yawkahs call it exit 58 and it's 455 miles from NYC. because the whole world revolves around NYC or something.

so, if they ever get their **** unretarded, New York's 455 will be way over on the east end of the state.

i suppose you could plop your engine shop on the rez and not pay NY state taxes?