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    53 Special Heater hose routing and fluid levels

    I'm doing a rebuild on my 263 and putting all new hoses in the car. I am wondering what the routing for the heater hoses is. Not the path that they take but which one hooks to wear. It seems like there are only 3 places on the engine to hook the hoses too. There was a "T" make out of...
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    How do you make it crank??? Starter button?

    Boy I know I sound dumb, but how do you crank the engine over on a 53 Special 45r. The car has a Dyna Flow trans and a straight 8 263. The key switch has 3 positions; lock, on, off, and it works good. There is a small pushbutton on the dash left of the steering column which is what I though...
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    Dynaflow service question

    I am servicing my Buick (which has been sitting for 41 years) while my 263 is getting bored out and rebuilt. I got a trans pan gasket but no one seems to have a filter . . . Does a Dyna Flow in 1953 have a replaceable filter or is there just a screen? If there is a filter what is the part...
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    Straight 8 engine rebuild questions

    Hello Straight 8 guys! I'm rebuilding the straight 8 out of my 53 Special 45R. It had been sitting for 41 years before I just recently got it. I tore it down to find that # 4 and #5 pistons had holes burned in them. Also in the trunk of my car there were 2 burned pistons. The 2 burned...
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    53 Buick Special wiring diagram

    I'm tracing some wires on my 53 and a wiring diagram would be super helpful. If anyone has one or knows where to download one that would be great. - Jeff -
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    53 Buick Straight 8 Carb Rebuild

    Well after my Buick sat for 41 years before I got it, it is now time to rebuild the carb and get it running again. I cant seem to find the carb kit for it. It is a 2 barrel Stromberg with the # 385323 on the base plate of it. Another carb came with my car and it is the same one with the same...
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    53 Buick Special VIN # locations

    I am wondering where the vin locations on my 53 Buick Special 2 door hardtop are. I know the main vin is screwed on in the drivers side door jamb. Are there any other vin locations on the car for verification? Thanks, - Jeff -
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    '53 Special Key Switch Removal

    I just got a '53 45R out of the desert. It had been sitting there since 1969 and hadn't moved. I want to get keys made for the ignition switch. I cant seem to get the front of the switch off to get it out of the dash. This front cover of the switch is chrome and has the Lock, On, and Off on...