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  1. scenexsick

    1966 Electra spitting gas out the carb.... HEI Vacuum Advance tuning?

    I recently performed an HEI points conversion on my 1966 Electra, only with the help of you kind folks here, and at v8 buick! I got to the point where all is hooked up properly, but left to go south for vacation, so didnt have the chance to fully finish. I cranked it once and fired, yet ran very...
  2. scenexsick

    Need help identifying a certain mysterious wire......

    Earlier, i had some HEI conversion issues about the exact thing I am going to describe. It turned out that the ignition coil was damaged within the HEI. Now, everything is ran to spec that i know of and still have no idea what the following wire is for....... I asked prior when sorting out the...
  3. scenexsick

    Hei conversion on 1966 buick Electra HELP!

    I installed an HEI distributor the other day and had the motor at 10-12 degrees before TDC. As i went to drop the distributor in, the rotor would only come to rest either 1 notch before or after the #1 wire/plug. Is this correct due to the degree set? Any help would be great!
  4. 1962 Buick Electra 225 Convertible

    1962 Buick Electra 225 Convertible

    White over red with white top. Good shape driver.
  5. 1966 Buick Electra 225, the project begins

    1966 Buick Electra 225, the project begins

  6. elagache

    Early vs late 67 430 - how do you tell'em apart?

    Dear Team Buick members :shield:, A Buick 430 V-8 . . . and it's mine - all mine! :1st: I have successfully purchased a 430 that came out of a 1967 Buick Electra 225. I started to research rebuild kits for this engine and EGGE Machine Company has two different versions of their rebuild kit...