1. elagache

    The "epic" 430 rebuild caper!

    Dear Team Buick big-block gurus, :shield: I have been trying to get enough preliminaries out of the way so that I could start asking the really big questions about rebuilding this 430 engine from a 67 Electra 225. I think I have an overall plan for this job, but . . . there are a few minor...
  2. M

    Nailhead 364

    Does some of you guys know how much you can bore a 1958 364? I´m about to rebuild my engine and need to know if i should do a "cheap" +30 bore, or if its better to do a "maximum" bore for more punch? are there any other Buick (or other makes) pistons that might fit in a "maximum" bore scenario...
  3. 5

    Straight 8 engine rebuild questions

    Hello Straight 8 guys! I'm rebuilding the straight 8 out of my 53 Special 45R. It had been sitting for 41 years before I just recently got it. I tore it down to find that # 4 and #5 pistons had holes burned in them. Also in the trunk of my car there were 2 burned pistons. The 2 burned...
  4. H

    Information Exchange for Building Street Supercharged 455

    I would like to exchange information and tips from knowledgeable people related to my current project of building a supercharged 455 for street/cruise (not racing). The 1970 Stage 1 block is now starting to be assembled. About $7800 in parts have been obtained to date, mostly from TA, Summit...