1. scenexsick

    Need help identifying a certain mysterious wire......

    Earlier, i had some HEI conversion issues about the exact thing I am going to describe. It turned out that the ignition coil was damaged within the HEI. Now, everything is ran to spec that i know of and still have no idea what the following wire is for....... I asked prior when sorting out the...
  2. T

    1970 Skylark Horn

    Took apart my steering column to install a new blinker switch a couple years ago, in the process I broke the plastic cancel cam...well, I finally replaced it and now I can’t remember where the two wires on the horn contacts on the back of the horn button re-attach. Can someone show me a pic or...
  3. B

    convert idiot lights to gauges

    I have a 65' skylark with the 310 wildcat (300) It is factory idiots lights ...I want to run gauges...alternator , water temp, & oil pressure....... for the water temp...can I use the existing temp sending unit and just connect wire from idiot light to gauge ? for the alternator......how do I...
  4. J

    Bullet Connectors for fuse box

    I am building a wiring harness for my 50 Super and I have run into the problem that I can't find the bullet connectors that attach to the fuse box or brake light switch and various other places in the car. Has anyone found these anywhere? The standard 2 sizes (0.156 and 0.188) are way too...
  5. 5

    53 Buick Special wiring diagram

    I'm tracing some wires on my 53 and a wiring diagram would be super helpful. If anyone has one or knows where to download one that would be great. - Jeff -
  6. R

    wiring switch pitch?

    I have a 1964 LeSabre with the original 300 and ST300 trans. I was of the understanding that it should have the switch pitch torque convertor, but upon attempting to find a way to set up its activation (dash pot is on the intake, but no switch), I was only able to find 1 male electrical...