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I have a 1964 LeSabre with the original 300 and ST300 trans. I was of the understanding that it should have the switch pitch torque convertor, but upon attempting to find a way to set up its activation (dash pot is on the intake, but no switch), I was only able to find 1 male electrical connection on the trans. 1 of the 2 wires coming from the kickdown switch was attached to this connection. The kickdown function works, so am I missing another spot on the trans where the wire for the switch pitch is supposed to go? If so, where might it be?

I have tried to read up about the switch pitch as much as possible. I read that there should be 2 connections on the trans., a horizontal 1 for the switch pitch and a vertical 1 for the kickdown, but there is only a horizontal 1 with the kickdown wire attached.

I would love to get my switch pitch up and running, but am now wondering if I even have the switch pitch feature at all!

Thanks in advance for any help or info.

Have a look at the '66 shop manual in the Reference - Library section of the site. It covers the ST300. The manual only has B&W wiring, but if you look in the Years, 66, you will find color wiring diagrams.


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Hi, I'd say you may not have the trans you think...
Here's a pic of what your carb linkage/wiring should look like if you have a s/p ST300...
As Bob said have a look at the 66' manual to identify your trans....
Hope pic helps...:waving:


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This is what a NON-switch pitch might look like...

Took a picture of my stock setup and only 2 wires from a single switch are present. This would mean I have just a regular ST300, not S-P.


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