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I have a 67 GS 400 with a 68 rivera 430 motor. Looking for new motor mounts. I ordered the ones from OPGI that says they work for 400-430 motors but they were not even close. Any help would be appreciated.

I am not sure you will find replacement mounts easy to find, I have just had a look around. I think I found some new ones some years ago for my car, or maybe I am still running some from 1967 :confused:. I went out to have a look, but I couldn't see anything down there... Part way through the '68 year, the mounts were upgraded to the ones you probably received.

I think if you look at your old mounts, they are "old style", not failure proof! in other words, when the rubber bonding fails, the engine comes completely loose and can do a major rotation in the engine compartment. The new mounts have a tang that locks the engine into the frame pad even if the bonding fails. In the years before the locking tangs, the horsepower (with big traction, the killer) builders used to run a chain or cable from the lift side of the motor to the frame to secure the motor in case of bonding failure.

I was lucky enough to find a new set, and maybe there are still some somewhere. The newer ones should fit with some minimal modification, but, you will have to watch that they do not lift the engine if you want to run your Star Wars air cleaner without hood modifications. There is only maybe 3/4" clearance, so any lifting of the engine could be a problem.

If you figure a solve for the problem, please post it here!

'67 Bracket 1380116, pad 1380064
'68 Bracket 1385580, pad 1385582 (3)

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sounds good! Yea the ones I ordered from OPGI were so far off I couldn't do any modifications to get them to work. The ones that came on the car seem to be the originals and the guy did drill a hole and attach a "safety" chain to the frame. May just stay with this but was just wanting to to start fresh since I have done a full rebuild... But some OEM parts even after 53 years are still better than some of the new crap they throw out today... Saw TA performance sells refurbished ones.. maybe go that route..
You may be able to send yours to Steele Rubber Products to be disassembled and revulcanized. They do the 65-66 Nailhead Gransport mounts and may do the 67 400/430 mounts. You would have to email them or call. They did a great job on my 65 mounts.
If you end up using the originals, I would consider swapping them left for right if you can still identify which side they came off.