TA 4150 Single Plane Intake 455 motor


Hello, I bought this intake from TA at least ten or more years ago for my 70 Skylark. and am very happy with the performance.. Before I call them, does anybody know if they have made any changes to the manifold i.e. offering better performance or are they still selling the same intake like I bought several years ago. I get better performance from this intake than I do from a dual plane edelbrock. Thanks


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Yes, they have made several improvements over the years. The plenum has what they call a turtle, a high point in the center that slopes down towards the runners,
new sp1 plenum floor.jpg
The runners are also banked,

new sp1 banked runners.jpg

There are provisions for attaching a shield for the PCV valve to prevent oil from entering the valve,
pcv shield standoffs.jpg
There is also a threaded hole on the back plenum wall if you want to run the PCV hose from there, or alcohol injection. It's a very nice intake. I run one on my 470. There have been engines that see a 30-50 HP increase over the dual plane intakes. These engines have so much low end torque, that whatever you lose, if any, you don't feel it.