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Wrenching "Secrets"


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I hope you dont realy mean burns o matic! I like oxy/actiline with a rose bud tip. Are your drums the alumin ones like thay ran on the dirt modifdes in th NE in the 60's&70's?
The most useful tool I have is one of those small springloaded center punches. About $16 from snap-on. that little thing does just about anything. marks spots things like distributors and carb screws to loosening stripped or stuck little bolts and nuts. I even used it to hang my wifes picture frames the other day. Makes a perfect little starter hole for a nail :thumbsup:
Walmart and Home Depot now sell a ratchet with a rotating grip for tight spaces. If you ever had to remove a bolt that you could barely reach and then the ratchet only moved about 2 or 3 clicks, you'll love this thing. You brake the bolt loose with the ratchet like you normally do, and when it spins, you just twist the grip and it moves the socket. Best ratchet I have in my tool box.


yeah, good thread!

In my tool box I've got two rare earth magnets wired together like two halves of a square doughnut. Chuck anything small and ferrous into a drill and stick it through the hole while spinning, and it becomes magnetic. To de magnetize, spin in reverse.

it's great for those little fasteners that keep falling ino the crevices. Can't remember where I got it, but you could probably make one.
Rare Earth Magnets

:waving: Hey Saulgood

It Sounds like a Splendid Tip! :thumbsup:

Question ?????

What are Rare Earth Magnets? :confused:

And......Where would I get some?

Are they Shaped like the letter E without the middle hasp?


Tom Gallagher
Kroil Penetrating Oil

:waving: Hey Guys

I had these 2 manifold studs that connect the union between the manifold and exhaust system.Frozen and Rusted in Solid.

I had soaked them in PB Blaster, CRC, Liquid Wrench, WD-40 Ect.

I also heated the area cherry red.

Still they would not budge:angry:

Bent and Spread 2 Craftsman 9/16 Wrenches in the process.

I went to a place where I buy fasteners and the owner suggested I use this stuff and said that it was 10 times better than what is commercially available.

So at 12 bucks a can I figured what the hell, what do I got to loose.

I tried the stuff and waited 10 Minutes.

Had the first Stud out in 3 minutes

The second stud took a couple of applications and took about 10 minutes to remove.:hurray:

You spray the stuff on, and the fastener soaks it up like a sponge, like pouring water in sand.

I don't know what chemical properties are in the stuff, but the results are unbelieveable.

For those real stubborn rusted and corroded fasteners, the results are fantastic!

I usually wind up snapping the bolt ( I'm the self proclaimed Worlds Champion) and have to drill it out and Tap it.

Use this stuff and those type problems are a thing of the past :bana:

If I had and dough, I would be willing to by some stock.

They also sell it in one gallon cans.


Tom Gallagher


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Tom whats the name of that stuff that helps rusted on nuts n bolts??? I have just about pulled my buick in a complete circle tryin to get my rear bumper off.
RE: Kroil Penetrating Oil

:waving: Hey Knuck

How You Doin'?

It's Been a while.

Glad as always to here from one of my fellow Buick Brothers :thumbsup:


The stuff is called KROIL Penetrating Oil

I know Eastwood sells it and is listed in their Catalog www.eastwood.com
Item # 43381Z

If You want I can get it cheeper and send it to you.

Just let me know.

I typed in Kroil Penetrating Oil in my search engine and came up with 2 tons (10 Pages of sites that stock this product) so you may be able to find the stuff from a local vendor.

I just happened to stumble across it by accident at the place that I buy my Fasteners from.

Let me know how you make out.

It seems that here are several different size Aerosol cans between 10- 16 oz.

Regards, :beers:

Tom Gallagher
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Robert Hare

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Best Tool In The Garage,

Digital cameras and a computer with a printer have become great tools, PB Blaster and a torch usually get the job done, But the greatest tool in my shop is my Backyard Buddy lift it was not cheep but I feel that it will extend my wrenching lifetime. Good lighting radiant heating ac for the humid summer and a refrigator set at 30deg all help


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Best Tools

Ball Joint press, for u-joints tie rods, and many other things that need a small press.
A mirrior and a mag light. If you shine the mag light into the mirrior it will light up any area at any angle and you can see very well with if the mirrior is clean.
Mig welder worth every penny, best and cheapest I have used is he Handy MIG by Lincoln.


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Lost thumb

Since I tried to mould my left thumb, I have found that a screwdriver down the hole of a socket can be helpful starting nuts in tight quarters that I can't get my right hand to. Is this the sort of thing you're talking about?

aint no econo box

I've used this trick on my Jeep(s) for loosening up carbon deposits & cleaning out the combustion chambers without pulling the heads. Just don't do it on a vehicle equipped with a catalytic converter, it'll clog it up quick.

Dilute 2 pints of ATF with about 2 pints of water, put it in a jug with a good spout.
Run up the engine to around 3k rpms and have an assistant keep it there.
Trickle the mixture through the carb slowly (DON'T LET THE ENGINE STALL!).
After using up most of the mixture, run the engine at about 1k rpms for about 5-10 minutes. This will drive out any moisture remaining inside the exhaust system.
Afterwards, add some 2-cycle engine oil (about 2 oz) to a full tank of gas.

Oh yeah, if you have touchy neighbors, I don't suggest this trick.... It'll cover an entire block in a white fog and is noisy as heck.... :D

I did this for the first time on my '77 Cherokee, and the amount of carbon that came out of that AMC 360cid was amazing....

aint no econo box

Oh, another less complex trick....

When I have a bolt/fastener that I need to get threaded, but my fingers don't have enough pivot points..... I stick it into a length of vacuum hose just big enough to fit over the head of the bolt snugly.
The flexible hose lets me hold onto the bolt and snake it into some pretty tight spots, as well as get the threads started.


Wrenching Secrets?

I having been Tinkering on Ole Iron for over 50 yrs the most Important Tool I know Of! is My Mexican Adjustable Wrench!--the Cutting Torch!--as On Old vehicles I don*t attempt to Wrench most things Off! I Cut every thing I possible Can OFF w/ my Cutting Torch! as It Saves Time & all that Agravation! & a Little Heat in the Right Place! especially On those Rusted Nuts! On parts YOU don*t want to DAMAGE! & by useing my Wire Brush Wheel to clean those Nuts UP! & add a bit of Never Seize on all the Threads & a Dab of New Paint--here & there! & New bolts in replacing the Ones I Cut OFF! & Thus! Avoiding All the Skun Knuckles & Majic --W!@#$%!!-- Words! of All the Tools I have ever USED! in referance to the ONE that Saves ME the Most WORK! its the Cutting TORCH! & in my many yrs of Observing others Using the Torch--theres NOT very Many that Really know how? to Efficently Use ONE! as YOU Don*t have to Melt Every thing!--just enough to get IT a Tiny bit RED!--as It sure Works for ME!--Ole JIM
Old Friend

Hey OLE Jim

I know an Italian Friend called Acetylene that HELP'S! out in similar situations.:laugh_4:


Tom Gallagher


Tom Gallagher said:
Hey OLE Jim

I know an Italian Friend called Acetylene that HELP'S! out in similar situations.:laugh_4:


Tom Gallagher
TOM I have a 4X4 club just up the road from ME! mostly Young fellers w/ 4x4s Off Road--putting their 4X4s in the Damedest places!--yesterday I saw a young feller re-moving his Front End!--'U' bolts--as I went to Lunch at the local Dinner!--3/4 hour latter! Hes still There! so I stopped!--& WE chatted! as I hate to See any One? working Up a Sweat! in Vain!--Ole "U" Bolts are Fine Thread! & if they been On any lenght of Time!--their Rusted beyond being able to be Used Again!--as the Nut in its Removal usually Destroys most of the Bolts Threads! I Fired UP My Torch which I carry in my Service pick Up! & Snip Snip --two minutes--all Done!--as NEW "U" bolts are very Inexspensive!--& I received a Big THANK YOU! fron One very Sweatty young Feller! & as I drove Away! I could all most still Hear that Weird Sqeele? of that young feller useing a big Braker bar & a piece of Pipe He was using!--I told HIM to clean things UP! & I*D be right back! & take HIM to the Parts Store to get New "U" Bolts & that Big SMILE!--was Nice to See!--Ole JIM