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    Possible Posi Problems?

    Check your fluid level and add the Posi additive. Then drive the car in a parking lot area in a slow left tight turn 10 times to work the additive in to the clutches then do the same turn to the right for 10 times. You will hear popping and clicking that is normal but should clear up after a...
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    1970 BUICK GS455 - Steering Column Housing

    You are correct on the parts swap with other GM models.
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    1965 Buick Skylark - orange single wire blower motor connector

    You can buy mouse tape (Amazon) to wrap your wires to keep them from eating on your wires.
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    3.8L Interchange

    Be sure to get the oil pump pickup tube that matches the oil pan that you will be using . HTH John
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    gas leak on 97 park ultra...

    The kit is a metal line that inserts into the hard plastic line and you clamp . Go look at the kit and read the instructions it will help you choose what you want to do. The kit is the only safe way to repair these lines that I have seen short of replacing the complete line from GM. HTH John
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    gas leak on 97 park ultra...

    You will find a gas line repair kit at NAPA auto stores for these fuel lines ( Most Auto. parts stores may have these as well ) the repair kits are metal lines that insert into the broken fuel hose , you can not repair these lines with a rubber hose and clamp they will leak .HTH John
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    92 Riviera Stalling

    You need to check fuel pressure with a fuel presure gage ( 40 psi and up is needed to start the eng. ) you could have pressure of 25psi and the car will not start . I would check the crankshaft sensor ( scan for codes ) based on how your car is doing ( has to set for 15-20 min. ) this was a...
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    help newbie here

    If you are asking about the crankshaft position sensor you will need to remove the crankshaft pulley and it may come off with out a puller but you will need a impact gun ( Air Gun ) to remove the front crankshaft bolt . Good luck with your project . John
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    Question on setting up a rear end

    That is two much preloadand you should get a new crush spacer .HTH John
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    Stalling when letting go of gas pedal

    You could remove the EGR valve and tape off the EGR intake port and see if the car will idle . HTH John
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    Suspension spring R&R?

    Most AutoZone or Advance Auto.Parts Stores will rent a spring compressor ( Hope you have one in your area ) . The compressor works inside the spring after you remove the shocks ( I do not like the ones that clamp on the outside of the spring ..they can slip off ) and the one that works on the...
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    62 Lesabre rebuild

    Yes upgrade your brakes but keep body work as your dad has suggested. Drive your car to have fun and enjoy it . :shifter: John
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    Speedometer Cable

    Your cable will not come out at the " trans. end " because the other end has a stop on it that hit's the inside of the cable housing . If you pull on the cable from the " trans. end" you will break the top off and your speed-o-meter will not work . The "head end " is the end that goes into the...
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    oil pump primeing

    What year is your car and the engine size ? The Cam sensor is on the 3.8 v6 . Need more info. John