1962 LeSabre

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I just purchased this car last Saturday. It runs pretty well. Has a Edelbrock 1406 with electric choke, but that currently isn't hooked up. There are a lot of little issues, but none as big as the trans not driving in D. It will drive in L only at this time. I have verified that the trans is full of fluid, and there are no leaks. My factory chassis service manual will be here today, so i think I'll check linkages then. Any tips will help.



Nice cruiser! The fact the tranny doesn't leak is very surprising on theses cars! If all else is working including reverse and there is no slippage, the problem could be in the valve body, but post your inquiry elsewhere on the site as it may not be found here by members.
The factory manual has some very well laid out procedures for checking and adjusting the transmission.

By the way, that's a nice looking car. I also have a 62 Lesabre.

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