1973 Buick Electra 225 Custom Limited

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Since I can remember my dad always had Buick cars and my favorite was the deuce and a quarter because of how big spacious and long it is... he has the 4 door. I’ve been in cali since 2013 and I’ve been searching for one ever since I got here and was finally able to find a solid deal for this one, only 5500! I never knew they made coupes which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it on Craigslist. I was very lucky to have the owner that I purchased it from, thanks to him I have the original motor (needs to be rebuilt) and a professionally rebuilt motor with T-6 casting and the motor that was rebuilt by the previous owner in the car. This has definitely been a dream come true and I will not ever let the car go. I’ve been to a handful of meets and I am always the only 225 out there and I rarely see other Buicks. I like being different and the car is in pretty good shape overall.
Upgrades: TAperformance HEI Distributor, airintake,

i just installed the oil/battery/water pressure gauges which looks SICK in the electra the next step is a tachometer.

my goal with the car is to make it a sleeper and place stage 2 cylinder heads on the professionally rebuilt motor and drop that in the car. I will also restore the original motor but keep it original.

The last pic is my dreamsheet. I have a lot more to add to it I’m sure those are just somestarting items
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I think this is my best pic yet


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Beautiful car! I had a 1974 Electra coupe in Black and it was my favorite car for a long time. I really miss it. Here's a shot of it when I was 19!
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