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Hey guys, I’m a new member and I recently purchased this 1951 Buick special for 700 dollars. Needs some work(quarter panel replacement) but other than that it’s pretty solid. I was told the engine should run but haven’t tried yet. What do you guys think? Btw I’m looking for a passeorear hood latch assembly if anyone has got one for sale?
Thank you
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Beautiful lines on the 2 Dr. It does look like once the quarterpanel is grafted in, you will have a solid car.
Nice find, Gary
You have a model 48D Deluxe Tourback Sedan. Lacking a "Dynaflow" script on the rear quarters, it should have a manual transmission. I have one also, and lots of parts. But no latch assembly or quarter panel. I do have a spare "sweep spear," the stainless piece missing from the bad rear quarter. FYI, its a good idea to salvage the trim clips on that wrecked quarter. None are reproduced.

As for getting the engine to run, avoid use of any existing gas tank when trying to get it started. (I hooked up a marine tank with a hose to the carb, also avoiding the fuel pump.) And removed, thoroughly cleaned and rinsed the tank before replacing it and running the engine on it.

Also, whatever the current condition of the starter, carb, ignition system and cleaned gas tank, don't use any fuel blended with ethanol (if ever) until all of the parts that are touched by that fuel are ethanol friendly.

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