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Almost three years ago this became my Covid 19 project: a rust free and nicely running 1960 Buick Lesabre convertible with 364 engine, 2 bl Carter carb , power steering and automatic transmission . Otherwise just all basic. Found by chance on the internet in Arizona - originally from a ranch in Montana : just two owners and odometer shows 95k plus (but maybe another 100k) and probably plus 20 years ago a new paint job, reupholstery ( plain red vinyl without the inserts) and top. The engine shows little wear and tear and no rebuild or repaint: all wires and hoses and electrical components look original. The only repair I had to do was freeing up the wiper motor innards from hardened grease ! And the frozen emergency brake cable…
But the biggest job was getting rid of the after effects of a mice infestation: last owner was grain trader…Had to replace the foam and fabric in the passenger seat and rear bench and use lots of chemicals to get rid of the smell but now as new . Another tedious job was making the rain gutter underneath the rear of the top leak free so no more water in the trunk: synthetic sealant covered by a flexible black rubber undercoat layer finally did the job.
All instruments and lights were working except for the cat’s eye electric clock but got that ticking again by cleaning the dried up oil and renewing with Swiss watch lubricant. Even the original radio with tubes was still working but going to upgrade with solid state replica and new speakers front and rear sides and a CD player. Put a dome light with dimmer on the top rail and replaced the old yellowed courtesy and map light lenses . Just cosmetic improvements…Still up is adding an electric fuel pump next to the fuel tank with all the wiring.
It’s indeed a work in progress ( later adding front disc brakes and replacing the brake booster with dual system).
I have gotten to know my big black beauty ( bblbty on the historic NJ plates) in all of its nooks and crannies and am deeply impressed by the solid Buick engineering and craftsmanship they put into this car!
Looking forward to go to the car shows this summer with the top down . One final note: I never paid so much money for a car sight unseen ( luckily a member of the American Buick Club could inspect the car remotely from Montana: he knew the original dealer…small world indeed) but since this is my first car restoration project am finding out you need to be careful not to let it become a money pit; it can be a very expensive hobby but in my case literally a life saving one.
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