1. S

    401 nailhead flexplate

    Hello Guys I had my 401 rebuild and the plan is to run it on a stand to test it . In the car i have a dynaflow and the gear for the starter is on te torquconverter . My question is can i put a flexplate on my 1963 401 from any 401 , and will it have the correct distance to the starter . Thanks...
  2. F

    Exhaust manifold 64-66

    Hello, When my manifold on the driver's side is broken I need to get another one. So my question is: Is there any difference in 1964.1965 and 1966? My Buick is an Electra 225 1965, but the engine is a 425 in 1964. Is it the same manifold for double and single exhaust system? BRG Per Fruck
  3. J

    1968 buick GS to a Nailhead! (help)

    hey guys, im working on my 68 buick gs with no motor or tranny and im looking to stick a nailhead 401 or 364 in it and was wondering if it would even bolt up right. your thoughts would help TONS! thanks
  4. P

    401 rebuild specs and other info

    I'm planning on rebuilding a 401 for my 31 Ford A coupe hot-rod project, and have a few questions. Most importantly, does anyone know a good resource for all the dimensions and clearances for reassembling these motors? I would like to "blueprint" this engine as much as possible while I assemble...
  5. M

    Help needed...

    I´m trying to figure out if i got the original engine in my -60 Electra, but i can´t find "my" engine number in any of the decoding charts... The number to the left on the engine: 4G9459 The number to the right on the engine: 6G1001475 Casting number on heads: 1190415 I belive my car is early...
  6. norwegian66riv

    401/425 1964-1966 Dual Quad linkage

  7. norwegian66riv

    364 401 nailhead cylinder engine head

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/59-60-BUICK-364-401-NAILHEAD-CYLINDER-ENGINE-HEAD-/120673533779?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c18b3ff53 and...
  8. elagache

    401 Nailhead engine transplant for a 1965 Buick Special - opinions?

    401 (or other Buick) engine transplant for 65 Buick Special - opinions? Dear Buick Enthusiasts, :shield: I have a 1965 Buick Special Deluxe wagon with a 300 cu V8 engine that is getting weary. I joined Team Buick in order to get some advice on rebuilding the engine and truly discovered how...
  9. C

    '66 401 into '65 LeSabre Convertible with 300

    I plan to swap the 401 and trans out of a '66 Electra donor into a '65 LeSabre with a 300. Has anyone done this before? My biggest concerns are the motor and tranny mounts. Just looking to see if anyone has done this before or knows of any printed material on the subject. Thanks!
  10. U

    1957 engine swap

    Hey guys looking for some help. I have a 1957 special and a 401 that I am trying to put in it. I was wondering what year of exhaust manifold I need to clear the steering box. The car does not have power steering, any help would be appreciated.
  11. N

    ISO 401 rebuild kit....

    :waving:im looking for someone that may want to exchange some chrome/polishing work for a rebuild kit for a 401ci.
  12. 1

    401 Nailhead help!!

    hey where could i find a 4bbl carburetor for a 1963 buick lesabre?? cause the engine is a 401 nailhead with 2bbl carburator and i want something better.. and i tried looking everywhere for a 4bbl carburator for that engine and no luck..any ideas??
  13. D

    401 or 364?? Will parts be compatible?

    Hi guys, Need some help identifying the engine on my '63 riviera. These are the numbers I have found on the engine. The block casting number, located below the distributor is 1173201-15 (which seems to indicate an older 364 engine ('57-60). The head casting number is 1185485 which...