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    Buick 350 Pulley & Bracket System Swap

    Needing some help guys. I am in the process of a frame off restoration on a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer that came from the factory with a Buick Dauntless 350. I am needing some information on what engines I can swap pulleys and brackets with to obtain A/C. I was hoping to swap to a serpentine style...
  2. J

    Need To be pointed in the right direction

    Hey Guys I have a 76 Buick skylark s/r. I blew the engine this last marchh and I dont know what I should do. I see this as a great oppurtunity to upgrade to The 350 preferably sbc "/ sorry guys lol. But I was wondering what complications if any will I run into when doing the swap. LuckilyI work...
  3. R

    430 Into "64 LeSabre Oil Pan??

    Hello everyone, I have an opportunity to possibly upgrade to a 430 from my original 300 2bbl! I am about ready to make the leap as I have come across what I believe to be a good candidate for the swap...my question is in regards to the oil pan. The seller of the motor mentioned that he doesn't...
  4. C

    '66 401 into '65 LeSabre Convertible with 300

    I plan to swap the 401 and trans out of a '66 Electra donor into a '65 LeSabre with a 300. Has anyone done this before? My biggest concerns are the motor and tranny mounts. Just looking to see if anyone has done this before or knows of any printed material on the subject. Thanks!
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    41 Special Sedanette 52 261

    Greetings I bought a 1941 Special Sedanette complete minus the driveline. I have now found a 51 261 rolling chassis with a running driveline. It is still the small Straight 8, what differences will there be between the 41 248 and the 51 261? is it a drop in replacement? 3 speed too? Also, the...