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  1. PatrickJ

    rear seal

    well All I know is the rope has as many people liking it as not. If the engine takes a rope seal then it is two piece. A ring seal is for one piece of course and is a different install. Just prepare to use about 10 new blades to get the rope seal cut nicely.
  2. PatrickJ

    Will Pontiac 400 fit into 66 LeSabre?

    Have a 66 LeSabre that has a 340 in it and I want to place the rebuilt 400 from a 73 Catalina instead. Anyone have info on in this, tranny etc. Thanks in advance Patrick
  3. PatrickJ

    Cylinder head removal for a beginner

    No idea where to get body parts from. My bumper was messed up and I was amazed at how easy it was to bump the steel back to a decent shape. My right front fender needed some heat and bumping and it too came back. If I do find a good parts source I will gladly post it. Best of luck
  4. PatrickJ

    Cylinder head removal for a beginner

    My 340 I too am a 66 Buick owner with a 340. When I took mine apart I kept the valves and entire train in order and the heads came off with a few taps of the hammer. I have to tell anyone, my best and most helpful resource for engine work is from boxwrench. This is a dvd about engine...
  5. PatrickJ

    VOICE CHAT Program - Interested??

    I have some experience as an old man in net gaming. Half Life Team Fortress. We use at times a voice chat called Ventrillo. You simply join into the server that I pay for and talk into your mic or headphone. I think it would be cool to get some fellas every now and again and get into this voice...
  6. PatrickJ

    Simple Tranny question

    66 Buick Tranmission question. Should the transmission be movable by hand from the gear? The engine was frozen and I wonder if the tranny is too. The fluid was nice and red with no burned smell. Thanks.
  7. PatrickJ

    Broken waterpump bolts

    scared me I always get scared when I hear the words stud extractor. It hurts to be extracted. :1st:
  8. PatrickJ

    Simple what would you do

    Thanks I am going to keep the 340. During the tear down I feared the worst when each piston needed 2 acts of congress to get out. I have a block now and will take it to the fella for tanking and magnafluxing soon. this wat I keep bragging rights and original stuff. Thanks for your ideas and...
  9. PatrickJ

    Your Part washer chemicals

    What do you use at home or from the shelf that is a good parts washer solution. I remember the tubs with re circulating fluids but do not know what the solution is. Got any ideas. And we had a time getting the pistons out of our 340. Had to beat each one out 1 at a time. It was hard enough...
  10. PatrickJ

    Simple what would you do

    I thought it would be kinda easy and interesting to add this poll to the board
  11. PatrickJ

    340 Questions - gonna have many for a while

    thanks Sounds too simple, thanks makes sense now. I was looking at some mechanical function and wondering. I appreciate the reply and info.:shield: Patrick
  12. PatrickJ

    Drums to rotors

    Same here I too would like to know. Thanks
  13. PatrickJ

    Broken waterpump bolts

    Indeed Mid life crisis eh? well you have good therapy going there. I think that if I were in midlife then I will live to be 108. But here it too is medicine. I go in the am for my 2nd cardiac cath, April 3 for endarterectomy. So I spent today with my 16 yr old working on my 66 buick. Everything...
  14. PatrickJ

    Broken waterpump bolts

    My humble opinion I have had great luck in heating with propane or acety/oxy if you have it. I have yet to have it fail me as long as something can grab it. Soak with PB Blaster first, it wont fire up either.
  15. PatrickJ

    340 Questions - gonna have many for a while

    Photos When we removed the heads, we found them filled with I think tranny fluid or marvel oil. No matter, it was there. When we got the car, the plugs had been removed and were sitting on the air cleaner. This is why we did not even bother trying to start it. This whole deal is for me to do...